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Accessibility Advice

Accessibility Advice

We care about all our guests and we are all for them. It is important to us that everyone who visits the Khalil's Food website or restaurant feels welcome and finds the experience seamless and rewarding. Our hand-picked staff provides a cutting-edge restaurant experience in New York.

Therefore, Khalil's Food strives to provide accessibility services to help all of our guests with additional needs or requirements.  Our commitment to accessibility is a hallmark of our hospitality. So, all individuals feel welcome to have a bite of our extraordinary desi and Chinese items.

What steps are we taking? 

At Khalil's Food, we deliver a stunningly positive atmosphere for all our visitors. We designed this website using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA. These guidelines explain how to make web content more accessible for people with disabilities, and user-friendly for everyone.

Wheelchair Seating

Wheelchair seating is available upon request and availability. Khalil’s Food has a variety of accessible seating options available for visitors with accessible needs and their companions.  Guests can identify the need for wheelchair-accessible seating by phone or we can make impromptu arrangements.

Transferable Seats

We have a limited number of seats with removable sides for easy transfer for guests with limited mobility. Place your request for limited mobility seats by phone so that they may be properly accommodated in no time.

Sight and Hearing Impaired Seating

Khalil’s Food has suitably located designated seats for guests with visual or hearing impairments.

How has your experience been?

We monitor the website regularly to maintain this standard, but if you have difficulty using this website, please don’t hesitate to reach us via email or by phone.

Accessible public spaces of the restaurant

Khalil's Food offers a variety of accessible routes, features, elements, and amenities throughout its public spaces. Highlights of the accessible features in our public spaces are:


  • Handicap accessible self-parking is available, including “van accessible” spaces. The parking garage is located nearest to the entrances.

Exterior Routes

  • There is an accessible entrance door to the building 
  • There are no steps, no abrupt level changes, no un-ramped curbs to the entrance/exit or public sidewalks.

Restaurant Entrance 

  • Fully automatic lobby entrance door with wide clearance 
  • Registration counter serving guests has a lowered portion 
  • There are no steps, no abrupt level changes, no unsecured carpet, and no un-ramped curbs to the entrance/exit or across the tables

Public Restrooms

  • Public restrooms are accessible, with at least one large accessible stall/toilet, one accessible lavatory, and one accessible urinal 
  • Accessible toilets have a horizontal grab bar on the adjacent sidewall 
  • At least one washbasin in each public restroom has drains and hot water pipes that are insulated or protected

Khalil's Food is exclusively designed to adjust to the requirements of guests with disabilities. We offer mobility, visual, and hearing accessible-friendly attributes throughout our best restaurant in NYC. The breakdown of these accommodations is as follows:

  • Visual notification device for doors and phone calls 
  • Visual smoke and fire alarm device Braille door number signage 
  • TTYs (teletypewriter) are available for use by persons who are deaf or hard of hearing 
  • TTY is available at the front desk so personnel can communicate with persons who are deaf or have speech impairments 
  • All entry doors and other interior doors (except doors on shallow closets) allow wide passage 
  • Door hardware on all entry doors and other passage doors within the room is usable with one hand Rooms allow wide route on each side of the bed

Accessible Bathroom Features

  • Bathroom doors allow wide of clear passage 
  • Bathroom door hardware easily operable with one hand 
  • Accessible toilet in the bathroom is centered from the adjacent sidewall
  • Toilet in the bathroom has a horizontal grab bar along the adjacent sidewall 
  • Toilet seat height is accessible 
  • The washbasin is low with accessible clearance under the front edge 
  • The faucet is easily operable and usable with one hand 
  • Uncluttered bathroom space where wheelchairs can turn around Lowered towel racks to accommodate accessibility

Accessibility-Friendly Features

  • Folding accessible seats 
  • Faucet controls are positioned on the wall and are easily operable 
  • Horizontal grab bars across the place for stabilization 

Other Features

  • Khalil's Food allows persons with disabilities to use service animals, without imposing any extra charges or conditions
  • Restaurant staff is available to provide and adjust accessible features upon request, in locating restrooms and restaurant amenities
  • We also consider your advice on features requiring installation or adjustment to ensure accessibility
  • Restaurant staff is available to read printed/visual information upon request.

Khalil’s Food is committed to providing an accessible website to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. We are increasing the accessibility and usability of our website by adhering to the available standards and guidelines. We can assist you and would like to hear from you if you are facing trouble accessing it.