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Beef Manchurian w/ Rice

$ 11.99

Boneless beef cooked with peppers, onion, and oyster sauce.

It's tenderized and carefully aged for a delicious flavor and ideal texture. Thoroughly cook beef with turmeric powder, chilly powder, ginger garlic paste, pepper powder, and salt. Marinate the beef with cornflour, flour, chilly sauce, oyster sauce, soya sauce, and egg. Heat the pan, add oil, and start frying until brown. Then heat the same pan or take another and add oil and add ginger, garlic and green chilly sliced to it, saute it well, and then add onion to it. Stir it and then add the sauces. Then add the fried beef. Mix it well. Then add the beef stock to it. Cover in low flame until gravy goes thick. Serve with rice.