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Best chicken biryani in nyc

Best Chicken Biryani in NYC: 10 Asian Restaurants!

Are you looking for the best chicken biryani in NYC? Did you have the best chicken biryani on a family trip to Asia or the Middle East? Do you still want that same taste in New York?

As a dweller in New York, you may think your demand is unreal. Maybe you will find random chicken biryani, but it won’t taste the same as in Asia or the middle east.

Indian and south-Asian biryani tastes delicious because of the amazing spices that are used in the dishes, this has made Indian cuisine so popular.

So, we are here to help you to find out where you can find the best chicken biryani restaurant in NYC. Let’s dive right in.

Top 10 Best Chicken Biryani Restaurants in New York City

Chicken biryani is the most common festive item, which is always the top priority listed item on every occasion, especially in Asia, middle-east or south-Asian. If you ever encounter an Asian individual, you will surely know that they serve their guest biryani on special occasions because it’s often identified as a happy food in Asian or middle-east families.

Every chicken biryani has a vast, unique spice and delectable aroma based on its region and tradition, making it unique.

Here is the top 10 chicken biryani restaurants list in New York. If you are a dweller in NYC, this will help you find your nearby biryani house location.

1. Khalil Biryani House 

Khalil Biryani House

Khalil food usually began its operation in July 2017. In the beginning, they provided authentic Indian and Asian cuisine through community service, and now they have two branches, one in the Bronx in New York and the second in Jamaica. Now Khalil biryani house is the best chicken biryani in Queens.

Today we are successfully providing our services in these two branches, and we are very much popular in their community. Appreciated by customers for our satisfactory service.

So on a chicken, you will find our two specialty biryani one is chicken biryani and the second one is chili chicken biryani. You will get hot and steamy biryani with bits of ginger and chunks of meat. It will make your dullest Thursday night special.

You will find a luscious fry chicken combo on chili chicken biryani and one of the most aromatic and savory dishes. This biryani came up sprinkled with kewda, rose water, and saffron. In addition, chicken biryani is loaded with spicy marinated chicken, caramelized onions, and flavorful saffron rice.

Location & Time

Branch-1: 167-20 Hillside Avenue, Queens, NY 11432

Branch- 2: 1457 Unionport Rd, The Bronx, NY 10462

Opening hours: (08:00 AM – 12 AM,  Sun-Sat)

2. Tribhaanga

Tribhaanga restaurant

After having biryani at a Tribhaanga restaurant, there is a belief nothing tastes the same as Tribhaanga. Especially the chicken biryani is spot-on and unforgettable. This restaurant serves an impressive line-up of biryani dishes. 

They got chicken biryani, served with basmati rice, slow-cooked chicken, cashew, egg, potatoes, and Indian spices.

Tribhaanga restaurant just started its journey, but within a short time, it gained lots of popularity. They serve lots variety of food items with Indo-Nepali cuisine. 

Hence, this restaurant is strongly recommended if you want to try authentic south-Asian food with spices that taste right.

Location & Time

Address: 234 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

Opening hours: (11-30 AM -10 PM, Mon-Sun) 

3. Haandi

Haandi restaurant

Biryani is the Haandi restaurant specialty. They serve various kinds of biryani, but if you are looking for chicken biryani, they got two authentic chicken biryani, served with basmati rice, a blend of spices and herbs cooked with chicken.

Haandi restaurant got a flavorful and delicious dishes, offering Indian, Bangladesh, and Pakistan favorite dishes. Now, if you are craving chicken biryani that tastes the same as the south-Asian subcontinent, you should visit the haandi restaurant with your family or friends.

Location & Time

Address: 113 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016, United States

Opening hours: (10 AM-11 PM, Sun-sat)

4. Biryani Cart

Biryani Cart restaurant

Since 2005, Biryani carts have been providing their services. They are the winner of the Vendy award (2008-2009), and during that year, they also received people choice awards for best biryani and Kati rolls in New York. They got special chicken saffron layered Bombay spicy biryani.

Served with tender chicken, seasoned basmati rice, and egg for extra heartiness. So if you want to try a traditional Indian biryani, a biryani cart can be the best option to try out.

Location & Time

Address: 112-100 W 46th St, 6th Ave, New York, 10036

Opening hours: (11 AM – 12 AM, Mon-sun)

5. Masala Times Greenwich Village

Masala Times Greenwich Village

Masala Times Greenwich Village biryani New York city’s best chicken biryani. The restaurant offers a variety of biryani dishes, including chicken biryani. Chicken over basmati rice with white, green, and red sauces makes chicken biryani delicious. So if you are crabbing for the spicy, balanced mix-up with saffron, basmati rice, and Indian cuisine, This restaurant is strongly recommended for you to visit.

Location & Time 

Address: 194 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012, United States

Opening hours: (Sunday to Thursday, open at 11 AM-12 AM, and Friday to Saturday, open at 11 AM -3 AM)

6. Veeray da Dhaba

Veeray da Dhaba

Veeray da Dhaba is New York city best chicken biryani and the very first Punjabi dhaba. Serving delicately balanced traditional Indian Punjabi food where you will find a delicious taste of chicken biryani, served with steamed basmati rice layered with boneless chicken flavored with saffron, rose water, and fragrant spices.

A cozy ambiance and luscious chicken biryani will make your day special.

Location & Time

Address: 222 1st Ave., New York, NY 10009, United States

Opening hours: (Sunday to Saturday, 12 – 2:45 PM and 5 PM – 10 PM)

7. Karahi

Karahi restaurant

Karahi is popular in the New York community because of its outstanding Indian cuisine, excellent service, and friendly staff.

You will find all of their classic dishes and chicken biryani on their menu. As a lover of chicken biryani, you won’t regret it. They serve with long-grain basmati rice with a piece of chicken in a delicate blend of exotic spices. In every bite, you will find the flavor of all ingredients in this chicken biryani.

Location & Time

Address: 803 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019, United States

Opening hours: (Monday to Friday, 11:30 AM – 3 PM and 5-10 PM )  (Saturday, Sunday 1 PM-3 PM and 5 PM-10 PM)

8. Mughlai Indian Cuisine 

Mughlai Indian Cuisine 

Mughlai Indian Cuisine is a popular chain with multiple locations in New York City. Their biryani spice mixes up with Flavorful chicken slow simmered with basmati rice and whole spices, Which  came up with an authentic taste of Indian origin. It means you will get the same chicken biryani to taste in New York City that serves in India. 

Location & Time

Address 1:  255 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019

Address 2: 329 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10010

Address 3: 1724 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10128

Opening hours: (Sunday 11 AM-9:45 PM, Monday to Friday 11 AM-2:45 PM, Saturday 11 AM -10:15 PM

9. Indian King Biryani house 

Indian King Biryani house 

Consistency is the key to retaining biryani popularity, and in this game, Indian King Biryani house will come first. Because over the years, highly trained chefs have served them to make the best chicken biryani in New York.

Chicken biryani will serve with Fresh ingredients with flavors of basmati rice, vegetables, and succulent meats.

Location & Time

Address: 140 Liberty St, Broadway, NY 10005

Opening hours: (Sunday 11 AM – 7:30 PM, Monday 10 AM-8 PM, Tuesday to Friday 11 AM-8 PM, Saturday 11 AM-10 PM)

10. Bengal Tiger 

Bengal Tiger restaurant

In Bengal Tiger Indian Food, you will find special chicken biryani items, a mixup of spices, and flavorful chicken slows simmered with basmati rice and whole spices. As a lover of chicken biryani, you will surely fall in with this smock vibe chicken biryani serving fresh ingredients.

If you are looking for the best chicken biryani restaurants in NYC, then Bengal Tiger Indian Food is the best choice for you.

Location & Time

Address: 58 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019, United States

Opening hours: (Sunday 12-10 PM, Monday to Friday 11.30 AM-2:45 PM and 5-10 PM and Saturday 12 PM-10 PM)

All these recommended restaurants are the best indeed. So if you follow the above list, your wishes for the best chicken biryani in New York city will be fulfilled. So what are you waiting for? Pick any one of them to visit to fill an appetite.