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Welcome to Khalil’s Food, a culinary haven that embarked on its flavorful journey in July 2017, aiming to bring the authentic taste of Indian and Asian cuisine to the heart of the Bronx, New York. Our multi-cuisine establishment, comprising Khalil Biryani House, Khalil Halal Chinese, and Khalil Catering, has become a beloved part of the community, celebrated for our commitment to providing satisfactory and delightful dining experiences. Join us as we delve into the world of halal Chinese food in the bustling streets of New York.

At Khalil’s Food, we take pride in offering a diverse culinary experience, and our dedicated halal Chinese kitchen, Khalil Halal Chinese, stands as a testament to our commitment. Our menu, curated with precision, brings the rich flavors of traditional Chinese cuisine while adhering to strict halal standards.

Halal Chinese Food in New York:

When it comes to halal Chinese food in New York, Khalil’s Food is your go-to destination. We understand the importance of catering to diverse culinary preferences while ensuring adherence to halal principles. From classic Chinese dishes to innovative creations, our chefs craft each meal with precision, delivering a memorable experience for every palate.

Halal chinese food new york

Explore Our Menu:

  • Chinese Halal Dishes: Indulge in a delectable array of halal Chinese dishes, from mouthwatering General Tso’s Chicken to savory Beef and Broccoli.
  • Halal Chinese Menu: Our thoughtfully crafted menu offers a wide selection, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Discover the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary flavors.
  • Best Halal Chinese Food NYC: Khalil’s Food takes pride in being recognized for serving the best halal Chinese food in NYC. Join us for an unparalleled culinary journey.

Community Love and Expansion:

Over the years, Khalil’s Food has garnered immense love and appreciation from the community for our dedication to providing satisfactory and pleasant dining experiences. What began as a single establishment in the Bronx has blossomed into a success story, with branches now flourishing in both the Bronx and Jamaica.


As we invite you to experience the fusion of authenticity and innovation at Khalil’s Food, we assure you a memorable journey through the diverse and delicious world of halal Chinese food in New York. Join us at Khalil Biryani House and Khalil Halal Chinese for a culinary adventure that transcends boundaries and satisfies the cravings of both the heart and the palate. Embrace the flavors, embrace the culture—because at Khalil’s Food, every meal is a celebration.

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