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Khalil Biryani House Bronx, New York

The Journey of Khalil Biryani House Bronx

Khalil Biryani House Bronx is a Bangladeshi restaurant in the heart of New York. We are one of the most famous Bengali restaurants in New York. We are known for our delicious and authentic biryani dishes. Starting our journey in 2017, we have established ourselves as a staple of the Bronx.

We have been serving delicious and traditional Asian, Indian and Bengali cuisine since our opening in 2017. In the beginning, Khalil Biryani Bronx NY was a small restaurant with few dishes on the menu. But now, we are serving more than 50 food items here in our biryani house.

Biryani lovers from all over the world living in New York satisfy their cravings for biryani at Khalil Biryani Bronx. Especially the people from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan come to our biryani house to fulfill their appetite for authentic biryani. Here we strive to serve the best biryani while maintaining the highest quality standards. The flavor of our biryani attracts people from different countries living in NY and they frequently visit our restaurant to taste it.

We guarantee that you will receive an authentic taste of Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine here. Just come and taste for yourself, you will fall in love with our delightful and premium quality foods and come back to Khalil restaurant bronx over and over again.

What makes us different

We serve 100% halal food from the beginning

We specialize in traditional South Asian biryani recipes but also offer a variety of other dishes such as naan, deshi bhorta, tandoori, vegetables, fish and desserts.

With precise attention to detail, perfect execution, and exceptional service, we aim for a top-notch experience for our customers. You will get a relaxed and homey ambiance here.

chicken curry
Ruhi Fish Curry
Dry Fish Bhorta
The Relaxed ambience

Environment & Service

Khalil Biryani House in the Bronx is a family-friendly fine dining restaurant. The environment of our restaurant is warm and inviting, with a modern twist on traditional Indian and Bengali cuisine.

Indian cuisine is immensely popular in NY and Khalil can be your landing place for Indian restaurant bronx ny easily. As you enter the place, you are welcomed by a magnificent setting, beautiful furniture in lovely colors and styles, and the comforts of modernity. Whether you are planning to hang out with friends or have a family outing with kids, Khalil Biryani House has something for everyone.

The staff here is friendly and always ready to help. You will get an incredible serving experience. With our unique atmosphere and excellent service, you can be sure that your visit to Khalil Biryani House will be one to remember!

With its friendly staff and excellent food, Khalil Biryani House is sure to make your dining experience an unforgettable one!

Established in 2017 Bronx Brunch

Behind the story of beginning of Khalil biryani House

Our chef Md. Khalilur Rahman realized New Yorkers’ great interest in Bengali and Asian food. To fulfill this demand, he planned to spread the magic of Bengali and Indian cuisine and introduced Khalil Biryani House in the Bronx of New York. And now it has become one of the embodiments of desi restaurants in the Bronx, NY. Our  Biryani House offers an unforgettable dining experience that celebrates the rich culture and history of Bangladesh.

khalilur Rahman

The Variety of Dishes Offered at Khalil Biryani House

At Khalil, we serve 14 types of biryani including the famous Biden Biryani, Kacchi Biryani and our most selling Beef Tehari. Every biryani here is different and delicious in taste. The Biden biryani is a unique dish in the town. You can not get this biryani in any biryani stall.

However, Khalil Biyani House is different from other biryani houses in the Bronx. Because it also provides 36 different varieties of Indian and Bangladeshi food. The items include various kinds of naan, deshi bhorta, tandoori, vegetables, fish, drinks and sweets. These dishes are made with extreme care and attention to detail. No matter which dish you order, you will leave the restaurant with great satisfaction. You will not find this vast collection of unique and tasty dishes other than at Khalil biryani house. 

Our Specialty

From our signature biryani dishes to delicious desserts, we provide an unforgettable experience for all who visit. Our chef Khalilur Rahman takes part and observes each and every food item here. Every dish of Khalil’s food is equally delicious and tasty.

The famous Biden biryani is a significant creation of our owner. This is an American approach to Bangladeshi biryani. This dish is made with basmati rice, beef and special spices of chef Khalilur Rahman. He introduced this biryani in the Bronx, NY on the day of Biden’s Presidential win. He even won the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for this dish.

Here you can have the authentic taste of Kacchi Biryani. The beef tehari of Khali’s food is to die for. The tandoori with naan is a perfect combination for a quick meal. We also have our very unique fish biryani, shrimp biryani and vegetable biryani.

In every biryani, we use our house-made special ghee and spices. The tender and juicy meat of our dishes are a result of slow cooking in a special oven. Through experience, researching and studying our owner has created these traditional yet unique dishes. 

Bhorta and Bhaji are one of the dishes you will find in every Bangladeshi household. But it is rare to find these items on restaurants’ menus. Our Bengali restaurant provides you with a wide variety of deshi bhortas. Some of them are Shutki(Dry Fish), Eggplant, Potato, Egg etc.

These dishes will surely take you back to your memories of Indian and Bengali food. At Khalil, we are famous for Bengali cuisines but If you are looking for Indian food in the Bronx, Khalil can easily be your destination.

Khalil Biryani Bronx Menu

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The Man Behind Our Creation

Our founder and main chef Md. Khalilur Rahman is extremely passionate about cooking. He is super hard-working and extremely professional. Mr. Khalil is a free spirit, amazingly creative and exceptionally organized. He has a diploma from the Institute of Culinary Education.

The rhythm and passion for the work of Khalilur Rahman are contagious. We have so many talented and professional chefs here in Khalil. Every one of them is equally dedicated and committed just like Mr. Khalil. These executive assistant chefs work diligently to provide you with the finest potential service.

Md Khalilur Rahman: Founder and Chief Chef

In 2022, Md. Khalilur Rahman has received the most prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joe Biden along with a letter from the White House. He has contributed largely to the Bangladesh American Community of NY with his food and volunteer work. He has got so many Awards from various organizations.

Besides, Md. Khalilur Rahman was featured on the cover page of Business America and highly praised for his talent and dedication to the community. His dedication has helped him to establish Khalil Food Foundation and many organizations under his name.

khalil the owner of khalil biryani house
Md Khalilur Rahman

Order Khalil Biryani House Bronx Food Online

You can get your favorite dishes from Khalil Biryani House in your home now. Imagine after a long tired day, you want to have a heavenly biryani in the comfort of your own home. Just grab your phone and place your order online in Khalil Biryani House. We will deliver you a ray of the sunshine packet in a box that will surely light up your day. So what are you waiting for, place an order for the tastiest and most delightful experience. We are not currently accepting orders through our websites. However, you can easily place an order from any of the apps listed below.


Khalil’s food has taken over New York City. We are unapologetic about the flavor of our food here at Khalil. The locals feel welcome here for our top-class services. Our cuisines have won many hearts because of their delicious and authentic taste. Khalil Biryani House Bronx is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience South Asian flavors in New York. Khalil Biryani House offers an authentic taste of South Asia.

Khalil’s food has taken over New York City. We are unapologetic about the flavor of our food here at Khalil. The locals feel welcome here for our top-class services. Our cuisines have won many hearts because of their delicious and authentic taste. Khalil Biryani House Bronx is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience South Asian flavors in New York. Khalil Biryani House offers an authentic taste of South Asia.

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